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Welcome to the Gravesend British Sugarcraft Guild page. We are an association where anyone can come together with like minded people to discuss cakes, baking and techniques. We meet every month and hold demonstrations open to Guild Members, Visiting Guild Members and also Members of the public!

We are part of the Region 8 South East British Sugarcraft Guild and won Gold in the 2019 "Cakes and Sugarcraft Exhibition". We are working hard towards preparing for the 2021 Exhibition at Ardingly -

We are a super friendly bunch and welcome anyone from beginners or hobbiests through to craft specialists, there's opportunity here for everyone. 

Next Meeting

Our next meeting has the fabulous Marie Acton, from BakeBoss showing us how to wrap a cake using chocolate fondant over zoom on Wednesday October 28th at 2PM.

This meeting is open to Guild, visiting Guild members, and to members of the public. For all visitors there's a small monetary fee of £3 to attend.

We look forward to welcoming you!


If you would like to attend our next guild meeting, please contact us

Due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC we are currently hosting our monthly meetings via zoom.

Gravesend BSG Awards

Gravesend British Sugarcraft Guild - Gold Winners

of Regiong 8 2019 "Cakes & Sugarcraft Guild Exhibition"

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